Nestled in a courtyard off the iconic Potsdamer Straße – the epicentre of the art gallery scene and one of the hippest areas of Berlin – the Studio is where Andreas and his team make their magic, creating high-quality personalised hair colour famed for its effortless chic and wearability. In this airy, luminous space, design meets craftsmanship: from the linen curtains to the leather chairs, every furniture piece and object, made with natural materials and crafted especially for the Studio, is carefully curated and a piece of art in itself.

“I wanted to connect my work ethic with my environment: both are unpretentious, with attention to detail and high-quality materials.”

This light-filled environment is the perfect backdrop for Andreas’ hair colour aesthetics: elegantly subtle, natural-looking shades, freshly mixed and conceived for each client, reflect the personality, lifestyle, and hair vision of the guest.

“I am trying to avoid being influenced by hair trends these days. My focus on each client, as an individual, is more vital for me than ever before.”

The minimalistic Studio mirrors Andreas’ core values of simplicity, transparency and honesty. Every hair colour, from a classic understated brunette to a head-turning blonde, is executed with passion, craftsmanship and attention to detail, using premium hair colour and the latest cutting-edge techniques. Bespoke cuts and personalised styling complete the look, for a transformative, confidence-boosting experience.